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Hot/Cold Facial Massaging Orb


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Key Features:

Three massage modes – cold massage, hot massage, vibration massage
Three LED light therapy modes
Vibration massage strengthens the effect of hot massage and cool massage
Relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism
Portable design is convenient for on the go use

    Specially designed to be a complete home rejuvenation treatment system, this Hot/Cold Facial Massaging Orb is a smart, simple, and convenient anti-aging beauty device that eliminates wrinkles and fines lines, and effectively reduces the signs of aging.

      Unlike regular skincare devices, the “hot” and “cold” therapy opens pores, promotes blood circulation, and helps develop skin elasticity while also minimizing scars and wrinkles. After just one use, your skin is left relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

    Featuring three massage modes – cold massage, hot massage, and vibration massage – you can switch from one to another at the touch of a button to ensure you receive the benefits of all three modes.

    This beauty device also helps boost skincare absorption, resulting in hydrated, smooth touchable skin.