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Elegant Electric Scalp Massager


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Key Features:

Removes dandruff, dirt, and oil buildup
High quality material that is built to last
Made of environment-safe silicone that does not harm your body in any way
Provides a soothing massage to your scalp that helps blood circulation, resulting in the growth of hair
Ergonomic design makes this brush easy to grab and hold onto in the water


    Revive and stimulate hair follicles through powerful massage technology to grow longer, stronger locks. This electric scalp massager is specially designed to increase blood circulation and relax your head with a soothing massage. 



    It removes dirt, dandruff and lifts away dead skin cells to increase the vitality of your scalp and hair, promoting better growth. You can also use it to reduce any pain or discomfort.



    The Elegant Electric Scalp Massager is one of our most versatile basic massagers. With a sleek design and tried-and-true massage technology, this device delivers a perfect scalp massage. The waterproof design allows you to use it during your bath to massage shampoo into your scalp. It enables professional-grade results via longitudinal gliding, kneading, trigger point stimulation and oscillating pressure.


        ▶Difference between vivid one and elegant one?

      • Vivid one comes with an organizer and magnetic charger cable which is easy to carry! And it has kneading function only!
      • Elegant one comes with a stand charger which is good for home based also it does vibration and kneading together!