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Vivid Hair Scalp Massager

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Key Features:

Scalp and body massager targets headache, sleep, tension, pain, and stress

Different lengths of the scalp-shape silicone massage claws fully cover your scalp

IPX7 waterproof makes it convenient to use while hair washing, bathing, and SPA

Can shampoo and massage together

Intimate design for magnetic charging base, fashion, and elegant appearance

Portable design is suitable for use anytime, anywhere

15 minutes' time set

Charging: 3.5 - 4 hours with magnetic charger, Working: 1.5-2 hours 

Skin friendly silicon material 


A healthy scalp makes for a healthy mind, sleep and body. Exfoliating your scalp is just as important as exfoliating your skin, as there are many benefits for your entire body. Using a scalp massager is an effective and inexpensive way to promote hair growth and blood circulation.
  ▶Hair, head, and muscle revival is made easier with this scalp massager’s innovative pressure point technology. The device is powered by our science-backed massage therapy principles, delivering just the right movements in concert with your knots and contact points. A cutting-edge motor provides consistent pressure to stimulate all targeted muscles and cells.

  ▶Difference between vivid one and elegant one?
  • Vivid one comes with an organizer and magnetic charger cable which is easy to carry! And it has kneading function only!
  • Elegant one comes with a stand charger which is good for home based also it does vibration and kneading together!